How do I know what size implants to get?

Even choosing the right size implants requires a lot of conversation.Getting breast implants is a big decision, but deciding the best size for you can be tough. There are a lot of things to consider, such as your body type and measurements of your chest and shoulders. You should think about your lifestyle too, so you can achieve the shape you want and still be comfortable doing the things you enjoy.

Of course it would be helpful to actually see how you would look, so go ahead and try some on for size! You can do this at home by taking a knee-high stocking or sandwich bag, fill it with a measurement of rice, then flatten and place it inside your non-padded bra. Throw a t-shirt on and see how you look. Add more or less rice until you achieve the silhouette you want.

Even better, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lisa J. Learn. You can discuss your desires and concerns and also try different shapes and sizes of actual implants with a special bra. You’ll be able to envision how you’ll look beforehand so you are confident with your decision, and happy with your results.

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